Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mini Ramp Champs...

The third annual UK mini ramp champs took place in Skegness last weekend. The comp was nuts with some absolute jokeshop shredding going down. Ben held it together and managed to take 6th place, with the rest of the team all getting stuck in too. Here are some snaps from the weekend for you to enjoy. Big thanks to all at XSite for putting on such a good weekend.

Probabaly one of the best parks in the country.

This years ramp set up. Get over the hole!!!

Nick from XSite, and the judges getting their judge on.

Joe Habgood kills it and is a sound dude.

This is how happy I make Daryl and Becky.

We left the park and headed to McDonalds, Rayner first in line as always.

Scal, Howard, Blinky and Matt Burrows were all there being a pain.

Martyn shows us all just how special he is, while Nick necks his beloved 20 chicken nuggets.

We then headed over to the club, to hang out with 50 blokes and no women.

Getting buck in the club, downing shots.

Tackle the worm.

Holding it down on fast and furious.

Then this guy turned up and went nuts.


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