Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Team Interviews, Mark Burrows.

Today we have an interview with Heathen's big man, and legend of Scottish skateboaridng Mr Mark Burrows. This is by far the best interview so far, thankyou Mark for bringing some quality words to the table.

Mark and his Monster, pre Heathen tour.

Name. Age. Occupation/Bummer?

Mark Burrows and ah'm 36. To keep the wolves from the door i plaster ceilings and walls. I also cut, fit and point cornice.

Outside of skating, what else do you get upto?

Ah go see bands, take ma wee boy offroading, play darts and hang out with the family when ah've got time.

What type of music do you listen to? What gets you hyped for a session?

Right now ah'm killing my ears with The 357 string band. Bomb the music industry! Tom Waits. Bob wayne and the outlaw carnies. The Stupids. The list could go on, ah listen to a shitload of music. Ah get hyped pretty easily, usually chapping Arron's door with ma board in ma hand is enough. Skate Or Die!

Who are your current favourite skaters? Who's gonna blow up this year?

Current faves would be Arron Wilmot, Paris and Kerr. They kill it, sesions wi them get me going. Always a blast. If ye want pro guys ah like then Karma Tsocheff, Wade Speyer, Rune Glifberg, Al Partenen, Pete Ramondetta, those kinda dudes. Blowing up this year is anyones guess, some suicide bomber probably.

What tricks have you got your eye on learning this year?

Its gonna be all about the lines this year. There's a big fuck off skatepark being poured five minutes from my frontdoor. From April its on!! Maybe get some front blunts on the go and proper back smiths.

Favourite skaterparks or skate spots?

Man, ah like all kinds of parks and spots. Ah've even seen myself having fun at these plazas although ah'm not really that kind of a skater anymore. Ah used to love gettin a shred on ledges but that was a while ago. Now ah mainly skate parks, concrete, fast.

What are your plans for the summer? Any trips or missions on the cards?

Dunno whats gonna be goin on this summer. A wee Heathen or Adio trip round Scotland would be right up ma street. Ah'd like to see how the rest of the Heathen boys would handle themselves up here. They all killed it on the last tour. We've got so many parks now.

What are your favourite skate videos or parts?.

Consolidated, H'min Bam. Anti-hero, Creature, Black Label. Most things P-Stone makes.

Top three things about riding for Heathen?

Anything Mike does is golden.
Makes me feel good inside.oo
8.25 boards and 58mm wheels.

Who do you skate with?

Ma wee bro Scott, Russ, Youngo when he's not away up in Aberdeen, Arron Wilmot, Kerr, Paris and Rory when he can be arsed.

Who's the biggest mosher on Heathen?

Colin Adam by far.

How did you get on Heathen? Got any advice for any young skaters about getting hooked up?

Well just as Mike was starting Heathen he asked me to ride for them. He gave me the lowdown on what it was all about and ah was right up for it. Heathen is the shiT. No-one ever takes any notice of my advice but hey ho here we go. Skate for fun. Don't be a dick. Mosh hard.

Skater who isn't currently on the team who you would like on?

Arron Wilmot. Get a sesh with him then you'll know why.

If someone had a gun to your head and said one last trickwhat would it be?

Ah guess it would be the disappearing gun trick or a backside disaster!

Mark stale's one out over the hip at Stoke plaza, while sucking on a gobstopper.

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