Thursday, 18 March 2010

Stay on top.....

I really need to try and stay on top of my bloggings. Every time I have a browse over the interweb, something new has popped up. Facebook too, being so full of hidden photo gems doesn't really help either.

Here are some bits I have not managed to get on the blog in the last week or so.

Big Mark, Aaron Wilmot and Man Paris show you how it's done at Transgression. Pretty sure Mark is the most excited man in Scotland right now, with the opening of his new local park on the horizon. Not seen or heard about it yet? Click here to see what the fuss is about.

Transgression session.

Homeboy Rayner comes througth once again. This time skeg plaza takes the hit. Check out some lesser witnessed street antics from Ben and Martyn.

What else you got Daz? Well, just some photos I found on facebook that I found either amusing or just nice to look at.

Lewis, on a recent trip to Malaga.

Daryl, with some new board slashing.

Colin, god only knows?

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