Friday, 26 February 2010

Team Interviews, Ben Devine.

This weeks interview comes from the UK's number one roider and founder of the mosher drop, Mr Ben Devine. Enjoy.

Ben in his lovely bedroom.

Name, Age, Occupation/Bummer?

Ben Devine, 19, terrible with jobs.

Outside of Skateboarding, what else do you get up too?

hmm . . kill skate 2, listen to music, chill with some of my non - skater homies and "relax" of course. im pretty boring realy

What type of music do you listen to? What gets you hyped for a session?

Hippidy hop mainly but when im skating i prefer something a bit faster like black flag etc.

Who are your current favourite skaters? Who’s going blow up this year?

Hewitt is my all time favourite but i get stoked on seeing anyone proper going for it! Jake Collins is blowing up right now that kid is some next level shit!

What tricks have you got your eye on learning this year?

haha 360 flips on flat.

Favourite skate parks or skate spots?

Hereford, saffron walden, skeg park anything with some nice crete bowls.

What are your plans for the summer? Any trips or missions, on the cards?

I just want to go on some sick camping trips hitting up some good concrete parks. Realy want to go to oregeon this year if i can afford it.

What are your favourite skate videos or parts?

Beauty and the beast, this 'n' that, any anti hero videos . . i dunno too many to decide

Top three things about riding for Heathen?

everyone on the team are hella safe
heathen is rad
the money and hoes

Who do you skate with?

On a daily basis all the skeg crew - rayner, martyn hill, eddie boy, nick bray, ryan hurt, ollie beeby, hawk, pain before he quit and a few others.

Who’s the biggest mosher on Heathen?

Thats a tricky one as the mosh rating is extremley high with everyone haha.

How did you get on Heathen? Got any advice for any young skaters about getting hooked up?

well i already knew a few of the team, started skating with a darryl a bit then it just happened i guess. As far as getting hooked up is concerned i dont know . . if it happens it does, if not who cares

Skater who isn’t currently on the team who you would like on?

my mate hawk he fucking rips

If someone had a gun to your head and said one last trick what would it be?

christ air (fully crusified and at least 8ft.) to handstand mosher drop.

Ben's latest Heathen advert, from the amazing hands of Joe Howard.

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