Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Im so laaaaaame...

Firstly, apologies to all for being so lame and not updating the blog enough. There are a selection of bits and pieces that have cracked off recently, that i have completely manged not to mention.

Okay so the mini ramp champs. What can I say? Daryl, Ben and Martyn all smashed it, and themselves in the process. Martyn took the best slam to the face ever, I actually thought his head had exploded. Daryl skated his ass off and Devine kicked off in true roider fashion. Trujillo and Hewitt mark two? I'm sure they would hate the comparison but they seriously shred. Colin and Josh also made an appearance but unfortunately injury stopped them from getting involved. The legend of Colin Adam lives on. I'm not too sure where Daryl and Ben placed in the end, but your both winners in my book,ha.

Here's the footage.

This Sunday gone saw the annual Boardroom competition in Leicester. Josh went wild, searching out some pain. Backside boneless off the wall into the bowl, flip indy's over the jump box and doubles runs with Ben and Daryl. He may look like one of those kids off X factor, but he sure can rip. Martyn shredded the bowl and got robbed on a front blunt on the vert wall. Daryl and Ben both got involved and killed it too.

One other thing I have to mention is the Joxa is killing it right now. Any youths out there who want to know what it takes to get sponsored, basically you have to be better than Joxa. That is no easy feat. Big ups to barrows finest.For more Joxa watch this video below, 666 rules. Or check out www.teawhizz.blogspot.com

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Footage below, courstey of Sidewalk and Peter Griffin. The bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word.

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