Thursday, 30 July 2009

Correct Listening for August

Right scumbags... August is here in the next few days - get your lug holes round these slices of aural terror!

Army of Flying Robots:

Nottingham, NO... the UK's, best hardcore/grind band are playing their final ever show next Friday. If you're in the area you should get down to Cameleon in Notts... It's gonna go off.

Limp Wrist:

Yeah, Limp FUCKING Wrist! The best straight up (pardon the pun) hardcore band I've seen in ages. Killed it at the Old Angel earlier this month.

Pulling Teeth:

You like Integrity, right? Yeah, thought so... Well PT are probably the best Integ style band around; they've got their own thing going on too mind, they're not just copy cat.


I didn't get to see Thou on their recent tour, which was very dissapointing... Heavy, mean and heavy again. Apparently they tune to F! Sludge it up.

So, get some of that in your ears, or you could just listen to Radio 1 and have your intelligence insulted by their playlist. Fucking La Roux and Florence and the Machine are making me want to kill!

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