Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Burton Jam

The Burton jam went off on sunday. Loads of people turned up from all over the place. Lewis,Martyn,Nick and Josh all killed it. Unfortunately the VX2 decided it didn't want to work so we have no footage. I spent most of my day shouting into a microphone, so didnt get a chance to get any photos either (WOW I RULE). Anyway after having a look about, I found some stuff from various blogs etc, cheers to anyone I stole these off.

Nick loves his benny's, can't stop the kid having fun i guess.

Switch Blunt, he also managed a flip back tail on this???

Martyn will be stoked on this 50-50, after doing front blunts on it like it was nothing all day.

FSA on that thing? Walters is going for my quiff master title, no beard as yet thougth.

Josh again, tuck knee fantastic.

Cheers to everyone who showed up and skated.

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