Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Becky's Bloggings

Becky was kind enougth to send me some bloggings of some of her and Daryl's recent trips and sessions.

Check out the stories and photos.

These ones are from a little trip with Ade and Joxa.They came and visited us for some southernly fun, which turned out to be quite wet.We hit up Jacksons skatepark in Rochester and Swale cliff skatepark in Whitstable.They even helped us teach lessons at Unit One skatepark.

Daryl handsome as ever.

Daryl Nosegrabber.

Ade, Sweeping Up.

Street Delves.

Ade and Joxa, worst dudes ever.

A couple of photos from the Fleckney skatepark opening (see previous bloggins for video). Daryl, Josh, Churchill, Nowick, Manhead, Ade and Matt Clarke were shredding all day long.
Daryl and Josh kill it, Midlands for life fool (Yes you too Ade,ha).

Lestaaaa's finest photo g and Heathen friend Matt Clarke.

Coventry street skating. With Josh, Becky, Daryl, Matt clarke, Ade the terrible, Alex burrell and loads of other cov heads. About thirty of us tralling around coventry.We hit up all the street spots.

The Crew.

Daryl, Josh and Matt enjoying the street of Cov.
This is minion Josh Walters. He's a special boy.

Daryl and now Sheffield based man of steez Alex Burrell.

Daryl and Josh with the new Heathen wood, get some.

Daryl and Bex enjoy some time out for some street fondling.

And finally the infamous Dickfingers (Ed Bowen) makes it on to the Heathen blog. The expression on Daryl's face says it all really. He really is that lame folks.


emily said...

Nice pics! It's good to see that Ade is keeping out of trouble, not sure I like who he's hanging out with though, they all look a bit sketchy if you ask me! :p

Ade The Terrible said...

billydickfingers is rad!

Anonymous said...

No he's a meataxe