Friday, 6 February 2009

The Minion Division!

Deep from the edges of hell? Derby, Leicester and Grantham actually. Heathen would like to introduce the Minion Division.

Keep and eye out for these guys on your travels, and check the welcome clip and profiles below. Photos by Matthew Clarke, filmed and edited by Andy Rayner.

First of all we have derby local and recent Sidewalk first lighter, Nick Roberts. Nick's a bit of a weirdo, he doesn't really have a clue what he's doing most of the time. Pretty much the recipe for a decent skateboarder.

Next we have Martyn Hill. Martyn has been shredding it for a while now as part of the skate lincs crew (big up), and can be generally found lurking at the Xsite skate park in skeggy.

Finally we have wee Josh Walters from Leicester. Josh pretty much has the Boardroom on lock at the moment. And has new tricks down every week, with added steeez to boot.

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