Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Skeggy Photos!

Here are some photos from the weekend of the UK mini ramp champs.Saturday night drinking and sunday morning breakfast.We had pretty much the whole team at Skeg, a sick weekend was had by all.

Who brought this guy? Colin Adam.

Big Mark smashed it all weekend.

Si Skipp made the journey.

And then these two, Daryl and Becky.

Second best unsponsered mini ramp skater in the country and some old guy (Mike Wright).

Bambi puts the moves on Zorlac. Nick's really getting into this type of thing nowadays.

Managed to squeeze Joxa in smedley's car for the weekend.

Nick from Xsite and Roo always get smashed on party night, quality hosts.

More Scottish folk. I managed to have a little session with Benson in the hotel room, stoked.

Colin and Benson are quite the duo when they get going.

Big man Jerome, in a nice little orange number.

This weirdo was lurking about. God knows what he's doing here.

Il melt ye!

How to manage with love.Bambi looks left out.


This is Jim. He's from Nottingham.

Skipp is just pretending to be amused here.

Churchill for life fool.

I can't remember these dudes names, they were super sound thougth.

Sunday morning sightseeing, Heathen style.

Breakfast time.

This is pretty gay.

Daryl stretches a madonna out on final day. Check the footage below.

Thanks to Xsite skate park for a sick weekend.

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